... in free gifts on Black Friday

Published on 03 Dec 2019
The seaside in winter

As I opened my emails on this Friday morning I was inundated with offers from the Black Friday sales. It was difficult to resist the tempting conclusion that somehow I was missing out if I didn’t take advantage of all that was laid before me but I decided not to go shopping. And in the evening I reflected on all that I had received that day.

It was gloriously sunny;  Robins were singing; there was no rain but a crisp blue frosty November Friday. I am blessed by being retired so I decided to walk down to the sea front and enjoy the view avoiding the hordes of vehicles heading in to the shopping centre.

Before I left the house, however, I was phoned by a good friend, who was checking in with me to see how I am doing since my recent bereavement.

The sea was calm and glittering; I spent a peaceful hour, wrapped in thermals, marvelling at the swimmers in wet-suits who braved the icy water and enjoying the antics of dozens of dogs who are allowed on the beach in the winter months.

I returned to a warm home to find an all-clear letter from the NHS from a recent screening test.

And then, best of all.... I went up to our Church to help with a “Night of Light”.

The local Christmas lights were being switched on and passers-by were invited in by parishioners to light a candle before the Blessed Sacrament. They arrived in their droves and it was beautiful to watch families obviously being touched by the peace and stillness of the Lord’s presence.

So many gifts in one day. Thank you Lord.