... in finding hope in fear

Published on 25 Mar 2017
Baby's hand in the hand of an adult.

I was thinking today about the Feast of the Annunciation and as a mother I thought of the hugely courageous and momentous ‘Yes’ Mary gave to God’s invitation to bear his Son. The Annunciation is rich for meditation! 

I wondered how her pregnancy had progressed; what were her emotions? A mixture of fear, awe and excitement? Had Joseph been with her through her labour? Had he held her hand and marvelled at the perfect tiny life torn from her? Was she anxious about the future? Was Joseph? Of course the future wasn’t theirs to know – just as it isn't for any parent.

Some pregnancies don't go smoothly. One little girl was born too early – her father wrote a daily blog using her voice, which he shared with other parents of premature babies to give them hope in their fear. She's safe and well. How beautiful.