... in an early morning flight

Published on 10 Jul 2019
Sunrise from an aeroplane window

I caught an early morning connecting flight in Toronto this morning. It was at 7am and so dawn was just breaking and the world was waking up.

As we took the approach to the runway I could see the light coming up and night fading. As we turned onto the runway itself I saw the sun, it was like a huge blood orange, it was red surrounded by an orange glow, it really was an amazing sight.  It is one of the most spectacular sights I think I have ever seen, I have certainly never seen the sun like this before.

As the engines roared and then powerful momentum swept us up into the sky I saw the horizon of the city as we climbed. Another wonderful sight, the very easily identifiable CN tower and other tower blocks all silhouette like against a multi coloured background sky, this too was truly glorious.

As I sat back afterwards I felt deeply grateful and enriched by this experience of vibrant colours, of creation in its all its glory, of life, of God.  It was all so beautiful.  The last place I thought I would find God was on an early morning flight.

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