... in decaying leaves

Published on 12 Nov 2020
Brown fallen leaves

I spent a few minutes sweeping leaves away from the front door last week. It had been raining the night before and although the colours were as stunning as ever, I was soon faced with a pile of moist, rotting leaf-mould.

It occurred to me what an amazing blessing God has given us. The world seems to have woken up so slowly to the problems we have created in our overproduction of plastic. We are literally drowning in it and so far, we are struggling to find ways to recycle some forms.
Yet, here, these beautiful leaves, miracles of nature, disintegrated so delicately in front of my eyes! - sometimes leaving behind a skeletal outline - an imprint on the tarmac before falling apart.
I then began thinking about our desire for permanence, our resistance to change and difficulty in letting go. And sadly where this has led us with some of our inventions- our land-fill sites and buried nuclear waste.
In contrast, our Creator God annually produces an abundant variety of leaves, every shape, colour and form, and has designed them to dissolve gracefully, nurturing and fertilizing the next year’s growth.
Are there things in my life which I am afraid to let go of?
Do I recognise that sometimes gifts are for a season and that there may be a blessing in allowing things to fall apart?