... in the curved path

Published on 01 May 2021
Curved path, with sunlight at the end

I have been doing some walks recently on unfamiliar routes. I was brought up and lived most of my life in the city, so I am used to pavements, and where there are no pavements, there are crossings. On country roads it is a different matter though. On smaller roads there are no pavements, on the A roads and larger roads there are pavements but not always all the way along.

Sometimes, I am walking along a road with a slight curve, and look ahead and it looks like the pavement is disappearing, but there is nowhere to cross to the other side safely. I begin to wonder if I will become stranded, as I don't like crossing busy A-roads with no crossing (probably due to nearly being run over when I was a teenager). The alternative will be to walk back the way I've come until I find a safe crossing place.

But there is also a road near my house where it looks like the pavement runs out when it doesn't, so on previous occasions I crossed the road and then crossed again, only later realising that this was just a trick of perspective. 

I found this happened again recently on a different road, but this time, I'd recognised the phenomenon: maybe, the pavement will stop... or maybe it won't. Let's find out. 

When I think about how God guides us along the paths of life it is worth remembering this idea that we can appear to be about to reach a dead end, but it will turn out that we haven't. Sometimes we have to trust in the possibility and wait to see what will happen. This can be the hardest bit of trusting in God. Sometimes we do have to acknowledge that we will have to make go backwards in order to go forwards, but other times a way through will emerge if we have some faith.