... in the Creed

Published on 12 Feb 2020
A Byzantine style church window and lamp with sunlight streaming through

I went to a different Mass on Sunday. I usually go to an earlier Mass at my church which is the family Mass, mostly because I prefer to go to Mass earlier in the day. But this Sunday I had felt tired in the morning and got up a bit later. Both the Masses have music: the first Mass is mostly hymns with some choral music, the second quite similar but slightly more 'solemn'. The choir sung Palestrina's Sicut cervus, which is a favourite of mine, and I reflected how, although the earlier Mass was probably at a better time for my Sunday routine, this later Mass was rather nice for a change.

But what was quite strange was that we had the sung setting of the Latin creed, and about half way through I found I was crying. I just had the strongest sense of the people of the church around me and the church in the world, and there was something beautiful about knowing that in so many other places the same creed was being said or sung.

Rationally I know that in a week where Brexit has hit the news and at a time of relative upheaval for the country I call home. the feeling of the Church as a uniting force in our turbulent world is very important. That may have been why I cried. I felt God particularly present in those Latin words at that moment, and I felt particularly at home in the universal Church. 

Et unam, sanctam, catholicam et apostolicam Ecclesiam...

And (I believe in) one, holy, catholic, and apostolic Church...