... in creative expression

Published on 09 Jul 2019
A splash of colour across building blocks

Ever since I was a child and much to my parents’ chagrin, I have always loved making a mess by drawing, painting, and hand making DIY ‘gifts’. 

Whilst the thought of entering a lesson on maths filled me with crippling fear, the thought of going to art class felt like stepping into a safe haven. From the outside looking in I would appear totally distracted, but in actuality it was in these moments that I found myself at peace and closest to God.

Today I had conversations with new friends who totally understood this feeling of art being a form of prayer and I found God in this conversation. Something I had been praying with for a long time felt confirmed in other people that shared the same excitement. They too saw its potential to draw others to God.

I once heard someone say that ‘God exists in the spaces between people’ and that the Holy Spirit is most tangibly experienced in our interactions. I found this to be true today.

And so I thank God for new connections, for this feeling of excitement and for fulfilling his promise of bringing me fullness of life.