... in cormorants

Published on 24 Mar 2020
A cormorant on a still sea

Two days ago, I took a walk along the sand close to the water's edge, near where I live on the New Jersey coast as the waves were rolling in. It was drizzly and very grey. The news had been on all morning reporting on the escalating coronavirus pandemic across the world and here in the U.S. 

I was honestly feeling quite overwhelmed by all of it and all the online negativity, hopelessness and panic. As I walked on for a while, I noticed that the tide was starting to come in and the waves were also getting bigger and somewhat rougher, as the wind picked up. 

They did look very intimidating being so close. As the waves were rolling over each other,  I noticed a pair of cormorants floating on the water, they seemed so strangely calm. They would disappear each time as the waves dipped. And I would scan the waves looking for them, thinking,  they've been taken by the ocean! - only to find them again as the waves rose up. Of course, seemingly undisturbed and me, feeling somewhat silly. Of course, this is how it is, this is nature at work. 

And I thought - that's how it actually is with us, God's always got us. Whether life's sometimes frightening turbulence kicks in or not, he's always there, he always has us in the palm of his hand. And we can find peace and calm in that. 

Even like a pair of cormorants on a rough ocean. 

Where did you find God today?