... in a confident magpie

Published on 17 Nov 2020
A magpie sitting on a branch.

It was the the second week of lockdown and I set out at 9am for my morning walk and to collect some essential groceries from down the road. I often walk along the A4 a busy urban road in Slough, with houses set back along the edging.

And during the lockdowns the ever present sound of ambulances rushing down the road, always reminds us pedestrians and the workers in the car show rooms that our medical workers are courageously acting to save our lives - today. As I walked home I saw an elderly gentleman up ahead with a white beard and cap, I usually step aside with a smile, to mark out the social distance. But he stopped, and like a seaman looking out to sea, he raised his arm above his face looking out. He then pointed “I am watching the magpie, just there.” And I followed his eye line towards the road edge and a large magpie, by a tree. “He seems to know the area well!” he adds smiling and I saw what he meant, the magpie jumped around confidently then onto the tree. “Yes!” I said smiling back and then we both went on our way.