... in a cloister

Published on 09 Jul 2021

I sometimes use the phrase 'misspent youth' to refer ironically to the rather quirky childhood pursuits I had, like bird spotting and learning the names of wildflowers.

It's only as I've grown older that I've began to realise there are lots of other people who enjoy these things too, and social media is particularly good for helping me find kindred spirits. As children we were taken to many churches and cathedrals and when we were old enough we even went on some expeditions by ourselves to some of England's great Cathedrals and abbeys.

I don't get round to this as often as I'd like, but there is nothing like a good cloister to help me feel in touch with God, which I suppose is what they were for! The worn paving stones and the beautful arched windows and vaulting in the ceiling remind me of the generations of people who have gone before us in the faith, among them many religious. You can almost smell the prayers.

So it may be a bit odd, but I thank God for my rather strange childhood.