... in churches reopening

Published on 02 Jul 2020
A sign which says Welcome, please come in.

I have heard with some joy that some churches are reopening, although I am not sure what the church will look like with the new rules, and not sure when my parish church is reopening. When the churches closed I sense among some of the laity a certain resentment that the priest could say Mass but we, the lay people, could not attend Mass.

It is hard to be locked out of your spiritual home, which is how it felt for many. One of the things I found helpful through the crisis was realising that it was very hard for the priests too. The priest at the church from which my usual Mass was livestreamed was clearly sad that the people were not there, and in his livestreams would make frequent reference to them. The way he said Mass reminded me that he felt that the people were only physically absent, that they were absolutely there in spirit. So I felt still needed and a part of the Church.

The churches reopening are a healthy reminder that the laity are needed, because without their help to provide guidance, to clean, to usher people, they wouldn't be able to reopen. So as I heard of friends and family members offering to help with this process, I was reminded that we are the Church.