... in Christmas sandwiches

Published on 11 Dec 2019
Christmas sandwich

I bought a Big Issue this week. I don't do this regularly - I know I should - but I was pleased I did. 

When I got home I read some of the articles, and found a section which was reviewing 'Christmas sandwiches'. We've all doubtless seen them in shops.The Pret a Manger Christmas sandwiches are so famous that they even have a launch for food writers. The idea of a Christmas sandwich seemed cringe-worthy to me, but reading the article I realised that although it is a gimmick, all the shops that sell them give a proportion of their profit to charity (some more than others!). 

It is strange to me how modern society has somewhat lost track of the roots of Christmas and the birth of Christianity, but the idea of being kind to the poor and homeless remains, like the strains of a distant Christmas carol. 

I am holding on to that thought this Christmas season.