... in a child's generosity

Published on 17 Feb 2017
A woman begging.

We live in Karachi, Pakistan.  It's a developing country where the rich are very few and the majority are poor.

There is a route we take from school to home and at every traffic signal there are beggars coming to plead for money. On this occasion the car was coming to a stop at the red signal. I saw an old lady, thin and wearing rags sitting on the side of the road clutching a stick. People were oblivious to her as this is a familiar sight, most of us becoming immune to the poverty around us. My son, without a word, checked his bag and found a bag of crisps. He rolled down the window and leaned out to give it to the old lady. She took it, salaamed [greeted] my son and opened to eat it. Straightaway I said, 'Son, this is a good thing you did. God will bless you bountifully.' 'Mama', he said,  'today she eats. No one stopped to feed her, but today she eats.' 

I found God in my son's kindness.