... in a childhood hymn

Published on 01 Aug 2019

Here we are working through the Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius in 31 Days of St Ignatius. But yesterday, I awoke and was so afraid. Praying for forgiveness for all the sins of my life,  revealed before me, i got up and walked by the river in the early morning in the deepest darkness of my soul, praying and invoking all the saints, our father in heaven, our lady too, and begging our Lord to help me come to him, whilst  repeating over and over the Confiteor.

As I walked, there came to me, in song, a childhood hymn:-

Loving shepherd of thy sheep, keep thy lambs in safety keep. Nothing can thy power withstand, none can pluck me from thy hand!

Where thou goest i will go. Walking in thy steps below. ‘Till before my fathers throne, i am known as thou hast known.

The morning sun came out and lit my way to mass and afterwards to confession in gratitude for being saved and forgiven through the grace of the sacrament.

All this happened before todays reading of consolation in the Fouth Week of the Exercises.