... in celebrating the end of the week

Published on 10 Jun 2016
a homeless man in northampton

I was talking with Angus, a man who was taking shelter on the corner of a road. It was cold and dark and I thought it would be good to offer him a cup of tea. Just at that moment, from around the corner came a young mother and her young son. He was perhaps about four years old. (I wouldn’t dare say how old his mother was!)

It was a Friday and they had been celebrating the end of the week with a cup of tea and cake when the young boy noticed Angus. ‘Perhaps’, he said to his mother, ‘he would like some cake, too.’ So they brought him a cup of tea and a large slice of chocolate cake. ‘Chocolate is his favourite’, said the boy’s mother, ‘so we hoped this man would also like it.’

Angus’ smile was beautiful.