... in the buzzing of a fly

Published on 06 Aug 2019
A fly on a leaf

My quiet prayer time this morning was annoyingly disturbed by the constant buzzing of a fly. Try as I might to let the sound go unnoticed, I was finding it increasingly irritating.

So I got up and opened the window, hoping that this might entice the poor creature out and give me some peace! I returned to my chair, closed my eyes and tried to begin again.

Sadly, no. Despite the fact that there was a gentle breeze wafting across the room, the buzzing grew louder as the fly stubbornly flew against the glass of the adjacent window and gradually got more frantic, as did I.

I decided I had no option but to open one of the French doors. So reluctantly I found the key and pushed it ajar. This did the trick; a strong draft blew into the room and the fly was lifted out into the garden, buzzing no longer.

It gave me food for thought. How often have I been like that fly, persistently pushing against a closed window in my life; unable to see a way forward or grasp alternative possibilities even though the Spirit is gently trying to nudge me in a different direction?

Sometimes a more turbulent force in life sweeps us up and flings us out into the deep. It can be a painful, disturbing and frightening experience but like the fly, my work is to surrender and trust that I am being carried by the Lord.