... in a bunch of flowers

Published on 10 Jun 2021
Bunch of flowers in a vase

Today the Holy Spirit produced some fruit in me for which I thank Him. I had been thinking about what Pope Francis said about making space for the Holy Spirit, so today at Mass I prayed that He would fill me.

On Fridays I do my weekly grocery shopping. It concerns me that I find it hard to connect with the till assistant, but today she gave me the opportunity. I had bought a bunch of Freesias, and she smelled them. I told her that I had bought them for Our Lady. She looked a bit puzzled, then I explained that I use them at home in my prayer corner. I asked her if she ever prayed. She said no, but that was compensated by her mum who goes to church every week . I turns out that her mum is a Catholic and we had quite a nice conversation about what prayer is.

Thank you God.