... in a box of chocolates

Published on 15 Jan 2021
A box of heart shaped chocolates

Like so many others suffering separation from loved ones during this pandemic, I struggled to deal with buying a Christmas present for my mother.

She is being cared for in a wonderful home, surrounded by loving, attentive people but I have been unable to visit her personally for months. And due to her dementia, phone-calls, letters and video attempts all just add to her confusion and bewilderment.

So, my sister and I decided to make up a “hamper” of treats that we could drop off for her to open up in small doses. I found some little heart-shaped chocolates online and discovered that they were fair-trade which helped too.

To my dismay, the parcel got lost between dispatchment and delivery. And I felt quite distressed – it seemed as though even this symbolic gesture of love for my mum was not possible in these difficult times.

However, I hadn’t reckoned on the outpouring of generosity so tangible amid all the pain of this pandemic:

The helpful man at the end of the phone who, when hearing the story, sent out another “next day delivery” without hesitating ...

The delivery men from two different companies who with cheerful smiles, brought the chocolates to my door on Christmas Eve... (yes, the other one turned up a week late)

My lovely sister, who spent hours decorating a box for the goodies ...

The care-home staff who videoed mum opening her presents and put it on facebook for us to see ...

It seemed as though my little gift of hearts getting lost along the way opened up a well-spring of kindness and love.

Thank you Lord.


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