... in blackberries

Published on 28 Aug 2019
A person holding blackberries

It probably sounds rather commonplace, but thank God for the fruits of the earth!

As children we went brambling every summer. A few years ago I was struck by enormous nostalgia for this part of late summer time, but there was nowhere to pick blackberries in the city. Last year though I discovered that there were lots of brambles growing in the park near my house.

The funny thing about brambles is that you don't usually notice them until it comes to the time when the fruit ripens and then, suddenly.... God's larder opens up before you. And makes a very nice jam or crumble depending on your preference. I think it is good to exercise the forager in all of us, because it teaches us about faith too. How sometimes we cannot feel God's love for us, but then we turn a corner and it is everywhere we look. Sometimes when you are looking for blackberries you see other people out looking too and look at them as competition, but then other times they will say 'oh there is lots over there' and there is something for everyone. That also helps us share the fruits of the earth and love our neighbour too. Big crops in alotments or gardens of apples, tomatoes, or marrows mean sharing between neighbours and friends like nothing else. It is not so surprising that Jesus used so many images about fishing, agriculture and growing things in his parables.

God is good.