... in the birds of the hedgerows

Published on 07 Nov 2020
A blue tit on a branch

Yes I know, I worry too much, I always do.

Take last week for example; I had an important meeting to arrange. The speaker had been booked long ago but will he answer emails to confirm he is coming? No! What about tickets for the event? They are remarkably slow in selling. Who is going to..? Why won’t the telephone stop ringing? And have you seen my Inbox this morning?  Anyway, you can see the point although I don’t suppose I am alone in this type of situation. Life seems one headlong rush – to where?

Enough I said as I closed the computer and went out to post a letter. As I walked I heard in the hedgerows a flock of blue tits singing to one another as they foraged for food to sustain them through the winter. Then a thought occurred to me, for these little birds eating enough food now was a matter of life and death. And here was I worrying about a meeting which frankly pales into insignificance compared to that.

Thank you for putting things into perspective for me, Mr and Mrs Blue tit and your family.

That was where I found God today.