... in being rained on

Published on 05 Oct 2020
Rain on a window pane, a person walking through rain with umbrella

On Saturday I was caught out in a torrential downpour and the rain went on for several hours. There were vast puddles on the streets. Finding it hard to find shelter in time, so heavy was the rain that I panicked for a moment that the shopping I had been doing would get wet and be ruined. 

Fortunately I was able to wrap the things I'd bought so they didn't get too wet. I had a raincoat, and a stout waterproof pair of shoes. I was also able to get myself a hot drink in a cafe, and later catch the bus home and arrive back to a warm house and warm clothes, blankets and a well-stocked fridge.

Earlier in the day I had seen several people begging and I thought of those people and hoped that they found shelter. But I also remembered something I'd read a few weeks ago about how to keep your house warm if you can't afford heating. I seem to be more and more aware these days of those who are less fortunate than myself.

I pray for people who can't find shelter, afford a hot drink, afford the bus fare and have to walk, who can't afford heating. I pray that God will encourage people, charities, institutions and, especially, governments to shower them with kindness and support.