... in Battersea Bridge

Published on 22 Jan 2021
Photo of Battersea Bridge

I was cycling today along the Thames path.  It was a dull and dreary day, rain, grey skies and everything bland and colourless.  This combined with the enforced restrictions created quite a mood all of its own.

As I approached Battersea Bridge, in fact from a fair way off, I was struck by the light that emanated from parts of the bridge.  The light came from magnificent gilding work on the bridge at the top of the supports. These spandrels shone in the murky surroundings, and they shone brightly!  The vivid golden artwork was very eye catching and very decorative.  I looked at the bridge more closely when I got there.  The bridge itself was once a rich deep green colour, but this has now faded and is obscured by rust, grime and the lack of sunlight from the overcast day.  It was quite a contrast to the shining regal gilt work of the spandrels.  I also noticed the wonderful ornate street lamps attached to the bridge each topped with a crown.  

It made me reflect on the current times and how God really is in there in the middle of it all.  Despite the darkness and the sense of decay that sometimes seems everywhere.  Along with the sense of threat, dread and fear.  He is ever present, shining very clearly, if you care to look.  God has abandoned no one.  Quite the opposite in fact.  Just like the famous picture of the footprints in the sand, at these times quite anonymously God carries us.  As we have moved one step on from the confused fear of last year into a time where we can see hope, God like that bridge, will carry us right over.  

So I saw God today in that bridge.  In the symbolism of the bridge, in the transcendent light in the darkness and in the crown that reminded me of Christ the King.

With the marvelous advances in science bringing glad tidings we look forwards to the Spring, and especially to April 4th where we celebrate when light overcame darkness.

Jesus Christ is the same today as He was yesterday and He will be tomorrow.