… in a yoghurt pot

Published on 30 Aug 2016

This is not the actual yoghurt pot that God spoke to me through, but this image will do!

It was after a day of recognising that I am often rushing though things and not living in the moment; always looking ahead to get the next thing ‘done’. Or, as I heard it once so effectively expressed, like flushing the loo before you have finished! 

 At breakfast, I thought I would try and slow down and eat my yoghurt s-l-o-w-l-y; very difficult for me! When I eat out with friends, I am always the first to finish. But as I started to eat my yoghurt, the question came to mind ‘Which is the best part?’ Is it the first mouthful, the last, the middle one? Is it when it is finished or just before that first taste?

This led me to consider which part of my day is the best – what do I look forward to most? For me it is definitely the end of the day when all is accomplished and I can put my feet up and chill. But what a waste! What if my walk from the carpark to work could be the best, what if the moment I look up and smile when someone comes into my office could be the most important? What if the moments when I could stop and take deep breaths with God were the most significant . . .? I have the habit of a lifetime to change, but what a wonderful challenge it is . . .