… in recognising your achievements

Published on 09 Sep 2016
Books Credit:Eli Samuelu via Unsplash

A dear friend of mine in a faraway country is a senior librarian in a city library. In the evening, for two years, she worked on a Masters degree to improve her skills and CV.

Marianne knows she is bi-polar, with moods that swing between depression and over-excitement, so with such a full daily timetable she had to be careful to stay calm and not be too ambitious.

She recently achieved her MA and was very delighted. She then had a recommendation from her supervisor to go on and achieve a PhD. ‘You got your MA. Why stop there?’ Was this an invitation from God to show the world how clever she was or was it her bi-polar self wanting to push her to the limit and beyond?

She prayed about it. She recalled how often she had been close to the edge of breaking down while studying for the MA at the same time as doing a responsible job at the library. Working for a PhD would be more stressful, not less.

The choice became clear: over-ambition or sanity – too much or enough?

Which one did God want her to choose? Put like that, it was obvious – God wanted her to be grateful for her MA and to leave it at that. So Marianne listened to what God was saying, declined to go for the PhD, and remains quietly satisfied with life.