… in a dawn walk

Published on 27 Mar 2016

Normally I don’t walk through the rural area near the city where I live, simply because I don’t make time to search for silence or to enjoy nature’s beauty.

But this time I felt a strong urge to go. I woke up at six in the morning and because I couldn’t sleep, I asked friends to join me for a walk. Whilst we were walking at dawn in complete silence, I had this beautiful moment with God.

The peace and quiet along with the fog and the rising sun ... I knew that God was present. At that moment God made me aware of the clouds that were moving so fast and strong with the wind. I wasn’t able to pray in words anymore – I just needed to look at the sky.

The clouds were hiding behind the fog, and little by little they disappeared with the rising sun. It was as if God wanted to tell me that once I remove the ‘fog’ in my life, all the things I care about the most and my relationship with Him will become clearer.

I would be able to become as the clouds: enlightened by His love (the rising sun), to breathe His breath (the wind) and to be lead in the right direction. To Him. To eternal life.