… in a Christmas cactus

Published on 01 Jan 2017
Christmas Cactus Wikimedia Commons

Three or four years ago I passed a very agreeable weekend in Exeter as a guest of a hospitable married couple. One feature among many that struck me was the beauty of their Christmas cactus plant flowering riotously in its plant pot. I am told this is not really a cactus but a succulent, but anyway I call it a Christmas cactus, and it does flower madly round about Christmas time. 

My hosts kindly said they would send me a cutting from their plant, and I went away and forgot all about it. Imagine my surprise when today, four years later, along came a parcel containing a little Christmas cactus from Exeter. It was safely packed in a box with soil and air to breathe, and is of the same striking colour as the parent plant.

 How heart-warming to be remembered with such a gift, and to know that I am remembered with kindness. It made me feel, Yes, God is in his heaven.