… in a child’s imagination

Published on 19 Dec 2016
Nativity play Credit Datei via Wikimedia Commons

It was the day before term ended for the Christmas holidays and we had been visiting nursing homes all week, proclaiming the Christmas story with music and tableaux. The children were tired and over-excited; I was getting grumpy and thought I would scream if I heard another Christmas carol!

After their presentation, while most of the elderly folk were dozing, the children sat quietly munching biscuits and drinking orange squash. I felt a tug at my sleeve. The little girl playing Mary was in full costume and fully into her role.

‘Can I take Jesus to them?’ she said.

I watched her greet each elderly resident, kneeling by their armchair, as she (a proud mother) reverently lifted up her baby doll wrapped in swaddling clothes.

And I was moved to tears as every resident welcomed her with joy and equal reverence.

Here was the meaning of Christmas – God’s eternal gift to us in His beloved Son – presented so tenderly by an innocent child; and melting my grumpiness.