… in bad weather

Published on 05 Sep 2016
Credit Pixabay

I have always had a love-hate relationship with the British climate. My head knows that we need the summer showers to generate our green, lush hills but, every August, as we drove over the border to Shropshire for our annual holiday with the children, my heart would sink as the thunder clouds rolled in.

So … as we encountered gale-force winds, freezing temperatures and whole-scale blizzards on our recent trip to Mull and Iona, I wonder did it spoil the experience?

The islands detached us from internet and mobile phone signals. We began to slow down as the pace of ferries and fishermen took over. And then the storms arrived and we had to stop!

No planned excursion to see the puffins – the weather was too ‘bad’.

And finally I began to surrender to the Lord and set aside my own agenda, allowing Him the space to speak.

As the ‘bad weather’ continued we experienced many lovely things:

Care and concern from hotel staff; laughter and joking from tourist groups caught in the snow, trying to dry their clothes in front of a roaring fire; stunning snowy mountain tops; conversations with strangers as we compared stories; and a shared journey of prayer with my rock of a husband, as we negotiated the tricky single-track roads in the blizzard conditions.

Lord of calm and storm – thank you for ‘bad weather’!