Thought for the day


Take this thought with you today to remind you that God is with you in all you do. His love can shine through your actions this day.  

O Antiphons/Tim Byron SJ
O King – Delay no longer, free your people Image: procession of camels
O Antiphons/Tim Byron SJ
O Rising Sun – Pierce our darkness with your light. Image: an arctic sunrise
O Antiphons/Tim Byron SJ
O Key of David – Free us from the prison of our darkness. Image: a padlock
O Antiphons/ Tim Byron SJ
O Root of Jesse – May you sprout and your buds blossom in my life. Image: a tree and a person at the foot of it, on a starry night
O Antiphons/ Tim Byron SJ
O Adonai – Lord of might, rule justly and hold us with your strength   Image: a starry night over hills
The O Antiphons/Tim Byron SJ
O Wisdom – Shine on those who seek and love you. Image: light shining through a woodland in winter.
St Peter Julian Eymard
Jesus come and reign, let my body be your temple, my heart your throne  St Peter Julian Eymard Image: a man holding a candle
Thomas McCarthy OP
In Advent the Christian community see the beloved arrive at the window   Thomas McCarthy OP Image: a house with light at the window in a snowy landscape
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