Thought for the day


Take this thought with you today to remind you that God is with you in all you do. His love can shine through your actions this day.  

Pange lingua gloriosi (trans J M Neale) Today is the Feast of the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ, also known as Corpus Christi.
A monstrance with a host on an altar. Text: Here is kept the ancient promise Of God’s earthly dwelling place!  Pange lingua gloriosi trans J M Neale
St Thomas More, in a letter to his daughter. Today is the feast of St Thomas More and St John Fisher, martyrs.
Pray for me, as I will for thee, that we may merrily meet in heaven.  St Thomas More Image: a red rose bush
St Aloysius Gonzaga SJ
“It is better to be the child of God than king of the whole world."   St Aloysius Gonzaga SJ Three young people with arms raised in joy
Gerard W Hughes SJ
Be childlike in your trust in God, present and beckoning you in the chaos. Gerard W Hughes SJ
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