Thought for the day


Take this thought with you today to remind you that God is with you in all you do. His love can shine through your actions this day.  

O God, help me today.
Image: candle. Text: Do not tire of asking in prayer for the Lord's help, especially in difficulty. Pope Francis
O God, may I strive to be an ordinary saint today, following your will in all things.
“The Saints are not supermen, nor were they born perfect. When they recognized God’s love, they followed it and served others.” (Pope Francis)
Gerald O'Mahony SJ
The Holy Spirit is a homesickness that knows the way home. Image: small house shaped bird house
O God, may I follow the movements of your Spirit today.
Image: fire Text: “Come, Holy Spirit! Free us from being closed in on ourselves and instill in us the joy of proclaiming the Gospel.”  Pope Francis
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