The time will come

Published on 02 Mar 2017
‘The time will come for the bridegroom to be taken away …’ Matthew 9:15. Image: sunset, purple clouds

‘The time will come for the bridegroom to be taken away …’

Matthew 9:15

The message in these early readings for Lent is consistently grim: yesterday we heard that Jesus will suffer greatly and be rejected and put to death. Today we hear that in the midst of the wedding, fragrant with love and joy and promise, when all seems perfect bliss, soldiers might burst in and take the bridegroom away. We are beyond shocked, beyond disbelieving. How can God do this? Is this the perverse way of a sadistic God, as the new atheists argue? But then I realise that I am alive.

I have not been taken away. Only the bridegroom has been taken away: his love is such that he lets himself be taken away by the powers of darkness so that we may live in light. This deepening understanding of such great love, now known but soon to be lost, only increases my tears. Lord, help me stay close to you on this way of living and dying.

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