There is something greater

Published on 02 Mar 2017
Text: ‘When Jonah preached they repented; and there is something greater than Jonah here.’ Luke 11:32. Image: person standing on hill.

‘When Jonah preached they repented; and there is something greater than Jonah here.’

Luke 11:32

These are the hardest days I have ever endured in my life. I am full of sadness and my mind is completely blank. This makes everything harder, because I do not understand why my beloved has to die. How can this be good? How can this reveal a loving God? What will become of me? How can I continue to live? I don’t understand. I switch off: blank. This morning, however, I realise that the Gospel readings in Lent are challenging me to understand what Jesus’ suffering is about, and what human suffering is about. I am being challenged to understand more deeply what it means to be human. I’m just like Jesus’ followers on the way to Jerusalem. I haven’t really embraced the overwhelming grace of divine love yet. Lord, open my heart.

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