... in the riverbed

Published on 03 Jul 2020
Riverbed with coloured flowers

They say 'variety is the spice of life', but in the current situation our lives can be extremely repetitive and mundane. The only silver lining in all this is sometimes noticing the small changes around us and perhaps being able to enjoy these things more. 

For example, the riverbed near where I live has become a patchwork of beautiful flowers - blue, bright pink, yellow and white.  During the winter months not only was the riverbed immersed in water as the river periodically flooded, but even when the waters receded it was a sea of brown mud and reeds. So this current scene of natural beauty seems like a miracle. Of course, the river bed is very rich and fertile soil, and the flood waters help bring nutrients and seeds to the riverbed. Without the flooding, this patchwork of flowers wouldn't even exist. 

Nature provides us with these small lessons in resilience if we pay attention. In our emotional and spiritual lives we can suffer great 'winters' of time when we are dormant and feel oppressed by life, but God calls us back to life again and the seeds he has planted take root and begin to flourish.