The devil left Jesus

Published on 02 Mar 2017
‘Then the devil left Jesus, and angels appeared and looked after him.’ Matthew 4:11. Image: the wilderness in the Holy Land

‘Then the devil left Jesus, and angels appeared and looked after him.’

Matthew 4:11

Angels are quite uncommon in the Gospels. They only appear in three critical moments of Jesus’ life: first, when he is conceived apparently fatherless and then born homeless; secondly, when he is alone and tempted in the desert at the start of his public ministry; and finally at his resurrection and the conclusion of his public ministry. These are moments of absolute darkness followed by glorious light. My journey with my beloved who is dying of a terminal disease is taking me to the edge of a greater darkness than I have ever seen. I think of Leonard Cohen’s dying song: ‘You want it Darker’. Lord, if an angel is the touch of your caring love and a power that can never be defeated, help me to see your angel with me now.

I need an angel Lord.

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