Easter Sunday Year C

Published on 15 Apr 2019
Mosaic of the resurrection with Christ surrounded by disciples and Mary

Christ, my hope, has risen!

God, who on this day, through your Only Begotten Son,

have conquered death and unlocked for us the path to eternity,

grant, we pray, that we who keep the solemnity of the Lord’s resurrection

may, through the renewal brought by your Spirit, rise up in the light of life.

Today we arrive at the oldest of the Church’s Feast Days, and the pinnacle of the liturgical year: the wonder-filled celebration of the Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ.

The Psalmist joyfully foresees the resurrection of Jesus and recognises it as the work of God Himself.

The Gospel records how Peter and the unnamed ‘beloved disciple’ (and then later in the same chapter, Mary Magdalene) slowly come to realise that Jesus has risen from the dead. The relationship between Jesus and the ‘disciple he loved’ is a model for all faithful Christians, as God invites us into a loving, intimate relationship with Christ.

The First Reading demonstrates that one of the fruits of the Resurrection is to break down barriers between peoples: in this case Peter, a Jew, stays in the home of Cornelius, a Gentile. This goes beyond what is culturally permitted: Peter is risking defilement by having contact with a non-believer.

Paul, too, emphasises the consequences of the Resurrection for the followers of Jesus, and appeals to the Early Church in Colossae to be aware of the mystery of true life with Christ. He calls them to live the sort of life fitting for those raised to new life in Christ (Second Reading).

On this Easter Day, we may pray to recognise the dignity that belongs to us as Christians and for the grace needed to live it out in practice doing good as Jesus did, in our daily, ordinary lives.

I have risen: I am with you once more; you placed your hand on me to keep me safe.

How great is the depth of your wisdom, alleluia!       Entrance Antiphon

You have been brought back to true life with Christ … and he is your life – you too will be revealed in all your glory with him.    Second Reading

He saw and he believed. Gospel

This week’s texts if you want to reflect further

Acts 10: 34. 37–43; Ps. 117 (118); Col. 3: 1–4 [or 1 Cor. 6–8]; John 20: 1–9