Corpus Christi Year C

Published on 27 May 2016
This Sunday is Corpus Christi

Let us pray for the willingness to make present in our world
the love of Christ shown to us in the Eucharist.
Lord Jesus Christ, we worship you living among us in the
sacrament of your body and blood.
May we offer to our Father in heaven
a solemn pledge of undivided love.
May we offer to our brothers and sisters a life poured out.

‘… Christ has given us this memorial of his passion
to bring us its saving power until the end of time ...’
From the Preface to the Eucharist

‘I am the living bread which has come down from heaven.’
The Gospel Acclamation

‘Anyone who eats this bread will live for ever.’
The Gospel Acclamation

We come then to this wonderful sacrament to be fed at
your table and grow into the likeness of the risen Christ …’
From the Preface to the Eucharist

  1. What does the week hold for me and how do I feel God may be calling me?
  2. And … what do I want to ask of the Lord for myself and for others?