6th Sunday of Easter Year A

Published on 11 May 2020
Jesus talks to his disciples in the Upper Room.

Speak out with a voice of joy … the Lord has set his people free!

O God, who teach us that you abide in hearts that are just and true,

grant that we may be so fashioned by your grace

as to become a dwelling pleasing to you.

Even though we remain conscious of the real trauma that many continue to struggle with today, there is a sense of joy in this week’s readings.

We hear of it arising from the marvellous acts of the apostles (today’s First Reading), and also in the Psalm, a hymn rejoicing in the great things the Lord has done for his people.

In the same way, we have a taste of this joy in the Gospel promise: the Spirit will be given to us, and the Lord will be in us and we in the Lord.

Even the sufferings meted out to the followers of Christ (Second Reading) could not diminish their gratitude for the Lord. This was bound up in the hope of the Resurrection which gave them, as it today gives us, the reason to respect one another and to reverence the Lord.

This week, let’s pray that the trials we have faced over the past months, and the sufferings we continue to endure, will not hold back the life of the Spirit in us. In all things, may we speak with joy of the good things the Lord has done and continues to work in our lives.

The people united in welcoming the message.     First Reading

Blessed be God who did not reject my prayer nor withhold his love from me.    Psalm

You know him, because he is with you, he is in you.     Gospel

Acts 8: 5–8.14–17; Psalm 65 (66); 1 Peter 3: 15–18; John 14: 15–21


PLEASE NOTE, the reflection sheet for the Ascension is also attached below.