5th Sunday of Lent Year B

Published on 14 Mar 2016
Credit: Marc Wieland via Unsplash

Today we are invited to see in Jesus God’s covenant of love, which goes to such lengths that it will be indelibly written in our hearts for ever.

Let us pray for the courage to embrace the world in the name of Christ.

Father in heaven, the love of your Son led him to accept the suffering of the cross that his brothers and sisters might glory in new life.

Change our selfishness into self-giving. Help us to embrace the world you have given us, that we may transform the darkness of its pain into the life and joy of Easter.

They will know me - - - since I will forgive their iniquity and never call their sin to mind
1st Reading, Jeremiah 31: 34

During his life on earth, Christ offered up prayer and entreaty aloud an in silent tears to the one who had the power to save him out of death 
2nd Reading, Hebrews 5: 7

I tell you, most solemnly, . . . if [the grain of wheat] dies, it yields a rich harvest
Gospel, John 12: 24

If anyone serves me, my Father will honour him
John 12: 26b

I come to prayer, aware of God’s welcome. How am I as we greet one another? Are there things from the past week that I want to share with him in gratitude? Are there difficulties or worries that I want to talk about? I talk . . I become still . . breathing in God’s love, breathing out and entrusting to God whatever I need to entrust . . .

I read the Prayer slowly, several times, if necessary .......

What words or phrases draw my attention? What do they say about my life? Is there some suffering that draws me close to Jesus, or a way in which I want to change? Is there an area of the world that God is inviting me to embrace, to transform?

 I talk to God . . . I listen . . . I end my prayer, asking God for whatever grace I need.....