4th Sunday of Advent Year A

Published on 12 Dec 2016
They shall call him Emmanuel  - St Joseph by Anton Raphael Mengs 1728-1779,  Credit  James Steakley via Wikimedia Commons

Let us pray as Advent draws to a close for the faith that opens our lives to the Spirit of God.

Father, all powerful God, your eternal Word took flesh on our earth when the Virgin Mary placed her life at the service of your plan.

Lift our minds in watchful hope to hear the voice which announces his glory and open our minds to receive the Spirit who prepares us for his coming.

Let the clouds rain down the Just One, and the earth bring forth a Saviour.
Entrance Antiphon

The Lord’s is the earth and its fullness.
Psalm 23

Let the Lord enter! He is the King of Glory!
Psalm Response

To you all then, who are God’s beloved … called to be saints, may God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ send grace and peace.
Second Reading

Behold, a Virgin shall conceive and bear a son, and his name will be called Emmanuel.
Communion Antiphon

Let us pray, as Advent draws to a close, that Christ will truly come into our hearts.
Old Opening Prayer

During these latter days of Advent, with the whole Church I wait ‘in watchful hope’. I let the hopes and longings that are deep in my heart rise to the surface and I bring them to God in prayer, along with the hopes and longings of all humanity.

I find a quiet space, free from the hustle and bustle, to be silent and still, and to ponder God’s amazing love for our world, revealed in the coming of Jesus.

As I read the prayer again I reflect on how Mary ‘placed her life at the service of [God’s] plan’. I may want to ask for the grace to do the same.

With Mary, in the silence and stillness, I make ready to receive the gift of God in Jesus