33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time Year C

Published on 11 Nov 2019
Temple in Capernaum

Acclaim the King, the Lord!

Grant us, we pray, O Lord our God,

the constant gladness of being devoted to you,

for it is full and lasting happiness

to serve with constancy

the author of all that is good.

As we come towards the end of the Church’s year, the readings encourage us to look at our world with open eyes, without pretence; to be filled with hope because God is faithful, working always for good. Even if we have to suffer, God is with us.

The prophet Malachi, in the First Reading, promises that arrogant evil-doers will not always prosper. The day of the Lord is coming when evil will be punished but those who know the Lord will experience healing, like the warming rays of the sun.

The Psalm is a joyful invitation for all creation to praise the Lord, who is coming to rule with fairness and justice.

St Paul reminds us we should work quietly and humbly at our daily tasks while waiting for Christ’s return. Without anxiety, we are to contribute to our families and community (Second Reading).

In the Gospel, Jesus warns of the future destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem. His disciples will face persecution and hostility, illness and famine, but these catastrophes do not mean the end of the world. God will care for them and give them the words to speak to those who persecute them. By enduring, they will give witness to their faith and receive all that he has promised.

This week, I may like to pray for trust and gentle perseverance in following Jesus, so I am able to live according to his values.

My plans for you are peace and not disaster.       Entrance Antiphon

Stand upright, hold your heads high, because your liberation is near at hand.     Gospel Acclamation - Verse

Not a hair of your heads will be lost. Your endurance will win you your lives.     Gospel

This week’s texts if you want to reflect further:

Malachi 3: 19–20; Psalm 97 (98); 2 Thessalonians 3: 7–12; Luke 21: 5–19