30th Sunday of Ordinary Time Year A

Published on 19 Oct 2020
# Love One Another in chalk on a pavement

‘Love your neighbour as yourself’

Almighty ever-living God,

increase our faith, hope and charity,

and make us love what you command,

so that we may merit what you promise.

In today’s readings, through the strength that Christ gives us and the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, we celebrate with joy the great commandment of Love.

In the First Reading, we see some of the details of the Law of Moses that highlight the nature of God, his relationship with his people, and the way he wants us to live. Israel, as the chosen people, are to demonstrate kindness and concern for others, the same qualities that their compassionate God displays towards them.

With the Psalmist, we are invited to give expression to our love of God and to recognise that no single word can convey all that God means to us. He is our source of strength; without him we can do nothing.

This first letter of Paul to the Thessalonians is the earliest preserved Christian document. We hear of the joyful faith of this small Christian community – a fruit of the Holy Spirit. Their approach to faith is attracting attention, and acts as an inspiration to many. (Second Reading).

In the Gospel, Jesus tells us that it is impossible to separate love of God, of self, and of other people. Jesus’s own life is a demonstration of such all-consuming love in practice. He tells us that these three facets of love and of faith cannot be separated: they sum up the entire biblical story.

This week, I express gratitude to the Lord for the many gifts of his wondrous love in my life. I ask that I may have the sensitivity to love as God loves; forever finding new ways of expressing my love, especially in my dealings with the poor, the lonely, and the dispossessed.

Let hearts rejoice who search for the Lord.    Entrance Antiphon

I love you, Lord, my strength.     Psalm

If anyone loves me he will keep my word, and my Father will love him and we shall come to him.    Gospel Acclamation

Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind.    Gospel

This week’s texts if you want to explore further:

Exodus 22: 20–26; Psalm 17 (18); Thessalonians 1: 5–10; Matthew 3: 34–40