19th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year C

Published on 25 Jul 2016
See that you are dressed for action and have your lamps lit Credit: ChenYiChun Unsplash

Let us pray that through us others may find their way to life in Christ:

Father, we come, reborn in the Spirit, to celebrate our being your sons and daughters in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Touch our hearts, help them to grow towards the life you have promised.

Touch our lives, make them signs of your love for all people.

Only faith can guarantee the blessings that we hope for, or prove the existence of the realities that at present remain unseen. It was for faith that our ancestors were commended.
Second Reading

Stay awake and stand ready, because you do not know the hour when the Son of Man is coming.
Gospel Acclamation

Jesus said to his disciples: there is no need to be afraid, little flock, for it has pleased your Father to give you the Kingdom.
Luke 12: 32

See that you are dressed for action and have your lamps lit.
The Gospel

I begin my prayer by turning to God with faith in his loving presence within me. I ask to be open to his love drawing me more closely to him.

I read the prayer slowly, marvelling at truly being God’s child and able to call him ‘Father’. Perhaps I let Jesus’ word: ‘Abba’, repeat over and over in my heart.

I re-read the prayer asking God to touch my heart deeply and to show me where my life is not a sign to others of his love.

I ask his forgiveness for my failings, and for a heart renewed by his love and mercy.