19th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year B

Published on 06 Aug 2018
A man holding a loaf of bread

Taste and see that the Lord is good!

Almighty ever-living God,
whom, taught by the Holy Spirit, we dare to call our Father,
bring, we pray, to perfection in our hearts the spirit of adoption as your sons and daughters,
that we may merit to enter into the inheritance which you have promised.

Our reading of Chapter 6 of St John’s Gospel, on the Bread of Life, continues today and throughout August. For the next three Sundays we also pray with Psalm 33 (34), whose invitation to taste and see God’s goodness connects directly with Jesus, our Living Bread.

Elijah, fleeing for his life to the wilderness, is convinced that he is a failure. But he is brought special food by an angel to strengthen him for the long journey ahead (First Reading).

The psalmist calls all of us, especially the humble and poor, to join him in praising God. We are invited to savour the goodness of the One who answers our call and frees us from our fears.

St Paul reminds the Ephesians that they are beloved children of God, urging them to follow Christ in their behaviour by showing kindness and forgiveness to one another (Second Reading).

Jesus reprimands the crowd as they start to complain against him: they refuse to accept that Jesus himself is the bread that gives eternal life. Jesus reminds them that even manna did not prevent their ancestors from dying, while the bread that Jesus himself offers is his own body, given for the life of the world (Gospel).

This week, let us pray that we might be always more open to what Jesus, the Living Bread, is offering us, and take the time to taste and savour all that God gives us in our everyday lives.

‘Lord, I have had enough’ … But an angel touched him.    First Reading

Glorify the Lord with me. Together let us praise his name!     Responsorial Psalm

Be friends with one another, and kind, forgiving each other as readily as God forgave you in Christ.     Second Reading

I am the living bread which has come down from heaven.    Gospel

This week’s texts if you want to reflect further:

1 Kings 19: 4–8; Psalm 33 (34); Ephesians 4: 30–5: 2; John 6: 41–51