14th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year C

Published on 01 Jul 2019
Two people walking
O God, who in the abasement of your Son

have raised up a fallen world, fill your faithful with holy joy,

for on those you have rescued from slavery to sin,

you bestow eternal gladness.

This Sunday’s readings celebrate the grace of Christ’s peace, and invite us to become messengers of that peace to all around us.

Isaiah calls the people of Israel to trust in God’s loving presence with them. He compares the care and comfort God lavishes on us to that of a comforting, nurturing mother. (First Reading)

Today’s Psalm reverberates with the joy of a people conscious of God’s care.

In the Second Reading, Paul tells the Christians of Galatia that they are a new creation; a new people of God. The ‘marks’ that matter now are not the marks of circumcision, but those of a new creature who follows the way of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

In the Gospel story, Jesus speaks of the urgency and magnitude of the task of proclaiming his message to all the peoples. He sends out the 72 disciples to prepare the way for him and to spread his peace. On their return, Jesus reminds the rejoicing disciples that their success lies in his power working through them, not in their own strength.

This week, let us pray to the Father to be shown our mission individually and collectively in our church community, as we are called to become messengers of peace and hope in word and deed.

We ponder your loving kindness, O God.     Entrance Antiphon

For thus says the Lord: Like a son comforted by his mother will I comfort you.      First Reading

It does not matter if a person is circumcised or not; what matters is for him to become an altogether new creature.     Second Reading

‘I call you friends’, says the Lord, ‘because I have made known to you everything I have learned from my Father’.   Gospel Acclamation

This week’s texts if you want to reflect further

Isaiah 66: 10–14; Psalm 65 (66); Galatians 6: 14–18; Luke 10: 1–12. 17–20