Praying with the pope in September

Published on 01 Sep 2018
An African child holding a sign which says "I never miss a day at school"

That young people in Africa may have access to education and work in their own countries.

Pope Francis, September 2018

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Father of All Goodness, who created your sons and daughters in a great diversity of peoples, ethnic groups and cultures, I thank you this month for the rich gift of the youth of Africa.

We pray for all these young people, who live in environments of war, insecurity, and in precarious living and health conditions. Enlighten with your Spirit those who have the responsibility to make decisions on education and work in Africa, so that they can ensure a decent future for the young people of this great continent.

Proposals for the month:

  • Get in touch with African migrant communities and their young people, to understand their reality, their dreams, their difficulties and offer your help, or that of your parish or worshipping community, to assist them in growing their educational projects.
  • Acquaint yourself with development projects that support education and employment in Africa. Great work has been done for many years by the Jesuit Missions offices (whose work is featured in the above photo) and by CAFOD, in England and Wales, by SCIAF in Scotland and by Trocaire in Eire. Take some time this month to obtain some of their materials and be inspired by the great work they do.
  • Organise in your own community a time of prayer or formation in which the subject of the situations that lead so many young Africans to migrate from their countries is discussed. Include in that prayer-time space for negative views of migrants to be admitted honestly and to consider instances of hostility towards migrants, whether from governments or from local people, and ponder the reasons for this.