Praying with the Pope in July

Published on 01 Jul 2021
A group of friends arm in arm

Social Friendship

We pray that, in social, economic and political situations of conflict, we may be courageous and passionate architects of dialogue and friendship.

Pope Francis, July 2021

1. Spend an extra few moments, this month, pondering and praying about a situation that you know well, where there is conflict – social, economic or political. As you begin, be conscious of the nearness of the Spirit of God. Let one situation in particular arise in your little time of prayer then take great care to notice whatever feelings arise in you as you do so. Speak to God about whatever you notice, without analysing or judging what comes up. Be aware of what moves in your own heart as you do so.

2. In your parish or worshipping community, whether you can meet physically yet or online, introduce others to this month’s Intention and invite them to name a situation of conflict – it could be local, national or international. Get a discussion going about how the group could be “architects of dialogue and friendship”. Take great care of each other as you do so because many of us will feel anything but courageous or passionate, especially after the time we’ve had! We must remember, too, that issues that might surface will likely touch on deeply-held feelings and convictions so everyone must be compassionate, listening carefully and being slow to judge.

3.  Look, or look again, at the recent little book “Let Us Dream – the Path to a Better Future” co-written by Pope Francis. A guide for readers and reading-groups is available – see below. Francis tells us about the “overflow”— the grace that moves us beyond preconceived ideas and the temptation to settle for a return to the old ways, towards new, courageous and creative encounters. Investigate the possibility of setting up a reading-group with this easy-to-read book, among friends, family or parishioners.

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