Praying with the Pope in July

Published on 01 Jul 2020
A family on a beach

Our Families

We pray that today's families may be accompanied with love, respect and guidance.

Pope Francis, July 2020

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Proposals for Prayer and Action this month

  •  Later last month a young, unassuming footballer grabbed the headlines from the politicians by writing a cogent, urgent letter about a government policy that threated to damage family life and poor children in Britain. Marcus Rashford refused to make any political capital out of his campaign for justice, thanking the government for its embarrassing change of policy when others might have gloated – it was the poor families that were his only concern, and he used his talent and his prominence to advocate for them. He showed how it can be done; with graciousness but determination. Consider ways in which you might be able to act similarly; alone, or in your family, or in your parish or worshipping community.
  •  As you pray the Daily Prayer Pathway, consisting of the Morning Offering, the Midday Moment and the Evening Prayer of Daily Awareness (Examen), ask for the grace to be more humble and more ready to listen to others before judging them. Ponder, gently, any temptation to treat others as less worthy if they do not appear to contribute so much materially or financially; ask that your heart may be opened to any healing that is needed.
  • Discuss, as far as is possible while our movements are still restricted, in your own friendship circles or your parish, where there might be possibilities in your own neighbourhood of supporting and accompanying families with “love, respect and guidance”. Remember the Pope’s words: "To the pandemic of the virus we want to respond with the universality of prayer, of compassion, of tenderness". Resolve to act!