Praying with the Pope In December

Published on 01 Dec 2017
An older woman


That the elderly, sustained by families and Christian communities, may apply their wisdom and experience to spreading the faith and forming the new generations.

Pope Francis, December 2017


Father of kindness,

In this month in which we celebrate the birth of your Son Jesus,

we realize that the Incarnation happens in the bosom of a family,

as the place where God came to dwell among us.

The family is the core of society,

the first school of socialization,

where one learns to deal with the differences and the riches of each other.

The history of each family

is marked by the life experience of the elders,

who leave an important testimony

for future generations.

Lord God,

teach us to value the contribution of the elderly,

to not discard them,

and to pay attention to their teachings

and their life lessons.

Challenges for the month

  • Visit relatives or elderly acquaintances at this Christmas time and bring them the joy of the birth of Jesus.
  • Promote in your own community some moment of sharing of life histories on the part of some elderly people, oriented to the young ones.
  • Be alert to situations of abandonment or frailty of elderly people and help solve them.

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