Praying with the pope in April

Published on 31 Mar 2021
A person lighting a candle at a peaceful protest

Fundamental Rights

We pray for those who risk their lives while fighting for fundamental rights under dictatorships, authoritarian regimes and even in democracies in crisis.

Pope Francis, April 2021

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Prayer Moment

A suggested Morning Offering:

Trinity of communion and mutual love,
Show me the world of today as you see it;
momentous acts of kindness and service but also intolerance, rage and basic rights denied.
Grant me and my community the wisdom and courage that inspired Rutilio, Oscar, Pope Francis and all fearless leaders who struggle for basic human rights.
As we have accompanied, in this strangest of years, your Son to his redemptive Cross, we now ask for inner knowledge of your resurrection, your continuing glorious presence to your people.
May the peace that you offered to your grieving friends inspire us as it consoled them.
I offer today, all my words and actions, for your mission
and may we pray, with the Pope, for all those who risk everything for the rights of all.


Proposals for April and Eastertide

  • Explore the Universal Declaration on Human Rights, adopted by the United Nations in 1948, which enshrines the rights and freedoms of every one of us. Learn how it commits nations to recognise that every human person is "born free and equal in dignity and rights". Consider, and discuss if you can, with friends and parish groups, how well its precepts are observed in our times.
  • Read about St.Oscar Romero, his conversion to advocacy for the poor, his martyrdom and his canonisation in 2018. Read also about Rutilio Grande SJ. There are high hopes for his beatification and eventual canonisation, which will be joyous occasions for all Jesuits and Ignatian people and for all who fight for fundamental rights. See
  • Read Pope Francis’s “Let us Dream – The Path to a Better Future”; look for, or form, an online reading group to explore it together. Pray, share and discuss the Pope’s reflections on how to rebuild our world.

David Stewart SJ